Advantages of TopTal

I have always been attracted to computers since my school days and had built some games that I used to play with and develop on the pentium machines then. Since then, I have been meddling with computers – I have built 2 companies in the last 7 years, in the technology arena.

Recently, I have also done very interesting projects for India’s leading Financial institution and India’s most valued private sector bank in analytics space.

I have been looking for some interesting work in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning on a contracting basis as I think that new technologies in this field can really have a transformational impact for real world businesses. I have already done two projects in last 4 months in this field. I want to execute high quality projects in this field and come out as a reliable partner for my clients in long term. To summarize, what I am aiming for is:

  1. Good work: I want to enjoy the work I am doing and analytics using AI and ML is what I have been doing since many years and aim to do for next few years at the least.
  2. Brand name:  which implies that I can act as a technology partner for my clients and I can deliver high quality projects for them.
  3. High impact: I want the projects that I do to have an high impact for my clients businesses and something with which their lives become much easier. This will drive me everyday.

I tried looking up for it online. The other sites had promised challenging opportunities but they still left a lot to be desired. It is here that I came across TopTal as a marketplace that is very conscious of the kind of participants who can actually join it and hence ensures that it has a very specific and detailed screening process. I especially want to join their group to get access to high quality projects which should have discussions and projects of my interest. TopTal maintains a community of elite engineers and developers who have been tested and screened with multiple levels of skill tests. This formula is a win-win for both parties i.e the freelancer as well as the person looking to get a job done.  

I am very excited for the opportunities that Toptal could open up for me.


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